The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin Reports the Resolution of Employment Discrimination and Personal Injury Settlements for Its Clients


The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin provides superior legal representation in employment and labor law. Mr. Austin has a well-proven success record in business related law with an emphasis in labor related and employment issues. His experience and expertise has resulted in the resolution of over 3,500 related cases representing both employees and employers. It is the combination of Mr. Austin’s extensive 43-year experience in employment and labor law and personal injury claim, including 16 years as a former state prosecutor, and the valuable insight gained from looking at cases from all angles that allows him to offer this quality representation.

The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin represents clients for all aspects of labor and employment law and personal injury claim. Specifically, his office has had success in addressing and resolving the following types of cases:

  • Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Wrongful Termination Claims
  • Discrimination Cases involving racial, national origin, religion and age claims
  • Disability Discrimination Claims
  • Overtime Claims/Audits
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims
  • National Labor Relations Act Claims
  • Whistleblowing/Retaliation Claims
  • Mediation/Arbitration Hearings

In the recent past, the Law Office of Phillip A. Austin has resolved hundreds of cases regarding personal injury  and   employment discrimination on behalf of its clients. The following cases reflect those successful prosecutions.

Case 1

N.D., a Hispanic female, alleged that she was subjected to disparate conditions of employment and ultimately terminated due to her gender, and national origin. After the Law Office of Phillip A. Austin issued a demand letter, the employer agreed to enter into negotiations. A settlement providing N.D. $35,000 was negotiated.

Case 2

N.J., a 23-year-old female, was seriously injured when a street sweeper collided with her as she was riding her bike on the sidewalk. After filing a lawsuit and conducting extensive discovery, N.J. received a settlement of $143,000.

Case 3

N Family of three (Father, Mother and adult son) were stopped at an intersection waiting for the red signal to change when a truck driven by a teenager collided with N Family’s vehicle causing major physical injuries to all members of the family. In addition, to paying all the medical expenses, N Family was awarded $300,000 for their injuries.

Case 4

A 55-year-old male was terminated by his employer, a foreign-based marketing firm. He was replaced by a younger, foreign-born salesperson. The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin issued a demand letter. After extensive negotiations with the Company’s attorneys, The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin obtained a settlement for $35,000.

Case 5

M.G., a pregnant Hispanic female was terminated by her multi state employer due to her pregnancy. The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin attempted to negotiate a settlement but the multi-state employer refused to negotiate. After filing a lawsuit in Federal District Court and engaging in extensive discovery, the employer agreed to my settlement terms including a substantial monetary settlement.

Case 6

F.A., a technical supervisor with over 30 years’ experience in the field was terminated and replaced by a younger employee. The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin sent a demand letter and negotiated a settlement of $17,000 for F.A.

Case 7

Y.H., a Hispanic female worked for a referral agency whose boss would order her to make referrals based on actual or perceived racial preference of the clients. Y.H. objected and was fired. Since the employer refused to negotiate, The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin filed a lawsuit in Federal Court and Y.H. received a $10,000 settlement.

Case 8

C.L., an employee of a multi-national technical corporation was terminated for conduct for which other employees were not terminated. The Law Office of Phillip A. Austin entered into lengthy and arduous negotiations with the Corporation and obtained a $27,500 settlement for C.L.

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