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Civil Rights

In order to understand one’s Civil Rights in Arizona, it is crucial to understand the basis of Civil Rights laws. In layman’s terms, a Civil Right is the right given to any individual to take action against another party who has deprived him/her of such rights as the right to freedom of speech, press or assembly; the right to equality at any public places; the right to vote or the right to be free from discrimination at work or in housing. You have the right to live freely.

We may like to believe that we are all treated equally. However, we often find that people are discriminated against on the grounds of gender, religion, age, skin color, national origin, physical limitations and even because of their sexual preference. If you face discrimination in the workplace, housing, education, lending, etc., you can seek the assistance of Phillip A. Austin at AZJusticeForAll.com.

Civil laws against discrimination

Federal and state laws make certain discriminatory conduct, illegal, specifically when one is discriminated against on the basis of one’s sex, religion, race, nationality, disability, skin color, in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations. Also, if an injured party files a claim against anyone for discrimination or participates in any investigation or trial regarding discrimination, they often face retaliatory consequences. The law states that these retaliatory actions are illegal.

No person can individually be discriminated against in any form in any aspect of employment or housing. Further, employers or housing providers are not allowed to use neutral policies or practices that can have any disproportionately adverse effect on a current or potential employee/residents due to their protected class status.

Aspects of employment where the law forbids discrimination

Civil Rights laws protect every person against discrimination in any aspect of employment. Let’s throw light on some issues where discrimination can occur.

Job advertisements:
No organization or company can function without hiring employees with different skill sets. They place various job advertisements for numerous positions. However, in the ad, no employer can publish any job advertisement that forbids any application based on any of the discriminatory grounds stated above. For instance, an advertisement asking exclusively for females, recent college graduates or even barring people above certain age from applying can be attacked as violating the law.

Likewise, at the time of recruiting and screening employees for potential employment, the candidates cannot be discriminated against on the basis of sex, religion, race, age, disability, or natural origin. The entire recruitment process needs to be skill based. Even if a test needs to be taken by the employee, the test must be based exclusively on the job requirement. Simultaneously, no employee can be barred from taking the test on any discriminatory grounds

Regardless of your race, age, sex, religious beliefs, ethnicity or health status, discrimination is illegal.
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